Alessandro Del Piero – Nothing Can Be Better Than..

Berikut terjemahan kata-kata perpisahan Alessandro Del Piero kepada Juventus dan Juventini dari website miliknya yang ditulis dengan begitu indah:

“Nothing can be better than 8 scudetti
Better than a promotion from Serie B
Better than one Coppa Italia (and let’s hope two)
Better than four Italian Supercoppa
Better than a Champions League
Better than a European Super Cup
Better than a Intercontinental Cup
Better than the goal against Fiorentina
Better than a ‘Del Piero goal’
Better than the goal in Tokyo
Better than my tears
Better than the goal in Bari
Better than the backheel goal in the derby
Better than the goal for L’Avvocato
Better than my tongue out against Inter
Better than the assist for David
Better than goal number 187
Better than the goal in Germany
Better than Berlin
Better than the goals against Frosinone
Better than being the top scorer in B
Better than being the top scorer in A
Better than the the standing ovation at the Bernabeu
Better than 704 games with the same Juventus shirt
Better than 289 goals
Better than a free kick that meant the Scudetto
Better than the Atalanta goal
Better than any record
Better than the number 10 shirt with Del Piero on it
Better than the captain’s armband

Most of all …
Nothing is better than what you all have given me over the past 19 years

I’m glad you smiled, cheered, cried, sang, shouted for me and with me
For me, no color will be stronger than black and white
You have fulfilled my dream. More than anything, today I can only say: THANK YOU

Always by your side,


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