Let’s start writing again..

“The people who succeed despite depression do three things. First, they seek an understanding of what’s happening. Then they accept that this is a permanent situation. And then they have to transcend their experience and grow from it and put themselves out into the world of real people.” 
― Andrew SolomonThe Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

“I’ve always been extremely introverted and reserved – unable to express my affection though I have a world of affection inside my head that I wish I could convey to all the people I love. I’ve often been described as emotionally-distant, cold, and even arrogant because I have this constant blank and emotionless face when in fact I am feeling a sea of emotion inside of me and I’m trying so hard to suppress it as to not burden others with my emotions. This is why I resort to writing. Through writing, I’m able to honestly convey just how deeply in love I am with everyone in my life and the world I’m living.” (Someone’s blog)



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